Chemo #2

18 Jul

Yesterday, I had my 2nd chemo treatment.  I had mentioned in my last few posts how I was dreading it, but I was actually pretty calm and not worried at all.  I read some scripture in the morning, had my prayer time and with everyone else’s prayers I just had a calm spirit yesterday.  I had a friend having an outpatient surgery procedure yesterday as well so I had the opportunity to think about her and pray for her as well.  It is such a pleasure to pray for others since I know so many are praying for me.  Sometimes I feel guilty that so many are praying, but I know I couldn’t get through this without those prayers.  So, I just love the opportunity to pray specifically for those that are praying for me.

We arrived at the Sarah Cannon Cancer Center at 10:15AM.  They called me shortly after to get my weight, vitals and take blood to check my counts.  Then, we met with my doctor.  We went over all of the side effects that I experienced.  My blood counts were all good today (praise God!).  So, the doctor decided to lower my taxotere dose since the bad side effects I experienced were from the taxotere.  I was glad to hear I wouldn’t be getting a full dose.  I believe he left the cytoxan dose the same, but I’m going to call the office today to get confirmation and I’ll post the actual #’s here once I get an update.  Also, I will be taking a steroid (Dexamethasone) by mouth twice today and start on an acne medication (this is supposed to help my swollen underarms…weird, but I guess it works).  I guess they see this swollen underarm lumps/fluid a lot when someone is going through chemo.  It is something I have always had apparently, but it worsens at this time.  So, for that he prescribed Doxycycline.  I have to take it every day for 30 days.  I am not good with remembering my medication so I really hope/pray God helps me with this.  My underarms still hurt so bad that I cannot do my lymphedema and mastectomy post-op exercises as good as I need to.  :o(

After we saw the doctor we went right to the chemo room for treatment.  Here is a pic of me.  We are not supposed to take pictures…so I tried to hide it.  lol!

The nurse took my blood work from my elbow/middle arm area so when they went to do the chemo they couldn’t use that vein.  I don’t know why, but before this it was no big deal giving blood.  It barely hurt, but my arms seem so sensitive now and it HURTS.  I hate it.  Next time I will try to remember to tell the blood work nurse not to use the middle arm area so they can use it for my chemo (if you are trying to decide whether to get a port…get a PORT it is so much easier I’m sure).  I have better veins in my right arm, but I won’t let them use that one due to lymphedema precautions and because it is already showing signs of excess fluid build up since I had 3 lymph nodes removed from that side.  Anyway, they chose a small vein in my hand.  This wasn’t good at all.  The steroid went through the IV first with no issues, but the anti-nausea med came from the fridge so the cold liquid was totally hurting me.  They tried using a hot pack on my arm, but it just burned the whole time.  I sucked it up until that one was done, but the taxotere was also cold so it was so awful to feel the burning pain the whole time.  So, I prayed and then I texted my mom and asked her to pray.  She sent a text out to my brothers and my aunt…and they also prayed.  Within minutes the pain was gone!  It was so awesome.  God answered!  So, I was praising the Lord and telling the nurses that we had prayed and God comforted me.  :o)  I also had the “water up the nose” feeling when the cytoxan was almost finished, but now that I’m used to it and I know it will go away I was okay with it.  We left the chemo room at about 3:15pm.  It takes a little over 5 hours from our day each time.

I met another chemo patient yesterday that is around my age.  She has had breast cancer twice.  The first time she had a wire localization biopsy of her lump, in the beginning, and they told her it was benign.  So, she ignored it.  Then, 3 years later she decided to have a lumpectomy instead because it was bothering her.  They determined it was malignant.  (I had the lumpectomy the first time…I didn’t want the lump…so this just tells me that a lumpectomy to remove the whole mass is better)  By that time she was Stage 3b.  It had gotten into her lymph nodes.  She went through a mastectomy (she didn’t say whether it was single or double) and chemo.  They told her she was cancer free. Then, during one of her check ups years later they found cancer again.  It had metastasized to her liver and some other organs.  She had to go through chemo again.  I felt so bad for her.  She is a beautiful girl and her hair had all grown back now.  She is now doing a clinical study with a different chemo that doesn’t make her hair fall out.  We talked about the weight gain.  She was about 100 lbs when she found out she had breast cancer.  I would say she is now about 140.  But, she exercises and she said she feels healthy so she doesn’t worry about the weight anymore.  I wish I had gotten her name so I didn’t have to pray for the “girl from chemo 2”, but maybe I will see her again.  I forgot to give her one of my cards with my website.  I’ll do that next time if I see her.

Also, while I was there, there was an older woman that was not doing well at all with her treatment.  She was vomiting.  I felt so bad for her.  On the way home I was convicted that I didn’t pray for her while I was there.  I should’ve prayed for her at that time and for some reason it never occurred to me.  So, I prayed for her while I was in my car that things would get better for her, that she would know the Lord and that he would heal her.  I also prayed for her son that was with her.  That he would be what she needed and that God would work in his heart as well.  I was very blessed yesterday that I only had a little bit of arm pain.  I know I am so blessed.

I had the friend that I met (Keli) stop by to see me while I was there.  She is so sweet!  She is done with her chemo treatments (Praise the Lord!).  She brought me 2 very pretty hats and another special gift that I will talk about in another post.  It was so nice of her.  It was so great to see her and to hear how she is doing.  She is going back to work on Monday.  :o)  I love that we are in contact now and I can hear how everything else is going for her (hair growth, final surgery, etc) and that I can also ask her questions.  I believe God introduced us to each other and I hope we have a long friendship since we share this journey that God put us on.  Keli, if you are reading this…thank you for making my day!  It was great to see you.

Kevan and I went to Qdoba like we normally do when we are in Nashville.  It was nice and yummy.  Then, for dinner we went with my MIL to Cafe Fontanella.  It was yummy too.  My stomach started to feel sick…I call it “roly poly-ing”.  I didn’t have nausea, just this rolling feeling.  I hate it.  So, I won’t be eating much today.  I will probably not even have my morning coffee.  My MIL is going to go with me to get my WBC shot today and also to a “Look Good…Feel Better” class.  They give you free makeup and teach you how to look better bald.  :o)  It is a free service for those that have lost their hair due to cancer treatment.  If I’m feeling okay I’ll do a post tomorrow on how it went.

Thanks again to everyone for your prayers yesterday.  I love you all!  God is definitely answering them.

3 Responses to “Chemo #2”

  1. Julie July 18, 2012 at 2:50 pm #

    Love you Jayde!

  2. Cheryl Whiteaker July 18, 2012 at 7:18 pm #

    HI Jadye Im happy to hear all is going well so far with the second treatment. You are always in my prayers.

  3. Anonymous July 19, 2012 at 7:16 am #

    Jayde looked so pretty today with her new makeup look! She was awesome and shared her card with a few people today – always thinking ahead to help others! What a trooper. We went to the wig shop and she got a combination thing to wear to show her AUBURN colors – WAR EAGLE!! I am sure she will share a picture sometime soon. We ate lunch at "Puffy Muffin." Pretty good food. All in all it was a good day! Jayde and I had fun sharing the day even though the day ended with a shot! It was some girl time for us and I enjoyed every minute of it! Jayde, thanks for letting me tag along today – it was fun and inspiring! Love you girl, Judy (MIL)

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