7 Jul

Since my WBC counts did not go up after the shot and my ANC is zero my room is now marked for isolation. Visitors are limited. They have to wear masks and wash with antiseptic before entering. I had to go have an ultrasound earlier of my underarms to see if there was an abscess that was causing the pain and swelling. There is no abscess and no excess fluid. I’m praising God for that. This is pretty scary. I’ve never experienced such a serious condition before. I know it is happening for a reason and that my Father is in control. I just have to keep reminding myself this.

kevan and his mom went out to dinner to give me a break and give Kevan a break. I had a sweet time of prayer and was able to pray out loud to my Heavenly Father for healing. I am praying for a restful night, a turn to the better for my WBC and ANC counts and also that my fever will go away.

I had a huge blessing today! My aunt and uncle stopped by on their way to Alabama on vacation. They are from Michigan and I didn’t know they were even on the road. When they walked in, with their masks on, I was speechless because I couldn’t figure out how they could be here. I was like…am I in Michigan? First thing out of my mouth was, “How could you be here?”. I thought the medications were playing tricks on me. I broke down and cried joyful tears. It was such a sweet surprise that they and God blessed me with. thank you Aunt Theresa and Uncle Mike for taking the time to see me. It was wonderful. I love you both!

3 Responses to “Isolation”

  1. Cheryl Whiteaker July 7, 2012 at 5:48 am #

    Jayde I hope you are begining to feel better and I pray for your blood counts to be what they are suppose to be. I know there is a reason for all that you have been through, Gods going to use you for something. Praying for Kevin and your parents. This friend told me one time when you go through a bunch of hard times one after the other Gods going to bless you in a big way, I do not know if thats right but I hope it is. I want you to get well and get a big blessing. Im praying for you my sister.

  2. Fat2FitMom July 7, 2012 at 6:48 am #

    U r very courageous for sharing ur story w the world! I came across ur blog by a Facebook post from ur cousin Tiffany. We went to middle school together:) My mom has a rare condition..rheumatoid arthritis, but it's settled in her lungs. She's weak, short of breath, n complains of pain a lot. The doctors have said there's no cure. I have often wondered how she must feel. Not that ur conditions r the same, but ur in depth explanation of things has opened my eyes to a lot more! U will b in my prayers daily!-Magan C., Jackson,TN

  3. Fat2FitMom July 7, 2012 at 6:49 am #

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