Hospital Update – Day 10 & 11

6 Jul

My last post talked about my 4th of July experience being sick. Well, I woke up on the 5th after another night of chills/sweating to feeling ok. I took advantage of how I felt and took a shower and dried my hair. Then, shortly after we headed out to have my blood counts checked at the doctor. It did not go well. When I got there it was freezing. I sat in the waiting room miserable. They called me back for my blood test. It wasn’t bad at all. She just pricked my finger. Then, they took me to the chemo room to wait to hear back from my doctor. While I was waiting I started getting really sick with joint pain and chills. They let me lay down in one of the recliners and put two blankets over me. The doctor called back and due to me fever and White blood cell (WBC) count ordered a culture test.

For a culture test they take blood twice – out of two different locations – fifteen minutes apart. The nurse had a hard time finding a vein due to dehydration and fever. She stuck the needle in and dug around. It was so painful I started crying. She pulled it back out and called a different nurse. She couldn’t find one either. I asked to go home. Lol!

They called my doctor back and he asked me to come into their Nashville office so they could see me in person. I was at a satellite location just for my blood work so my doctor was not on site. They did inform me that I would probably be admitted to the hospital. Kevan and I stopped at home to grab some things and ready the kitties since we might be gone a few days. Then, drove the 1.5+ hrs to Nashville.

When we arrived at the doctors office they took my temp and it was about 101 still. The doctor said my WBC counts were dangerously low. I am now neutropenic. They have to be at least 1,000 to be ok. That isn’t normal level but it is a safe level. Mine was 100. So, they admitted me to Centennial hospital. They gave me a shot in the arm before I left their office to help with my WBC counts. It was pretty painful. But, who really like shots?

Since I’ve been here I had a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia (it was negative), a successful blood draw for the culture tests, had a picc line inserted (I’ll write about this in another post…it was a scary procedure for me but turned out okay) and I’ve had several IV drugs. They woke me up every hour throughout the night to add IV drugs or take my vitals. The sentinel node biopsies have been a bit of a pain because I want to take precautions so I do not develop lymphedema. So, they are taking blood pressure from my leg instead of my arm. The picc line is in my upper left arm and I’ve refused to have my right arm poked. I am right handed so if I were to develop lymphedema I wouldn’t want it in my dominant arm.

At 3am i started having a fever and chills again. It was 100.8 so they gave me Tylenol to bring it down. Also, my blood work revealed low potassium so I had to have potassium added to my IV every hour for 6 hours. It was not bad except that it woke me up each time. Kevan slept on the couch bed thingy they have in the room so I wouldn’t be here alone. It doesn’t look comfy at all. He was woken up so much that I told him to stay at his moms tonight. He is working now from my room.

The doctor stopped by this morning to let me know that my WBC counts did not come up. So, I can’t go home. They gave me another shot in my stomach. It was not painful at all. Next time I’m picking the stomach again. The doctor doesn’t think my swollen armpits are lymph nodes, but excess fluid build up. He’s going to order an ultrasound. He apologized because they are so painful to the touch that the ultrasound is going to be pretty painful.

Kevan noticed a sign on my door. Because I have neutropenia there are certain precautions now. Here are a few:

1. No fresh flowers.
2. No fresh fruit.
3. If I leave the room I have to wear a mask.
4. No children under 12.
5. All adult visitors will be screened.

There are more but I can’t remember them. So, I’m here for at least another day. A praise is that my antibiotic can cause nausea and I’ve had no nausea….praise the Lord. Please pray that my fever will stop and my counts will go up. I want to go home. Thanks everyone. I love you all.

One Response to “Hospital Update – Day 10 & 11”

  1. Anonymous July 6, 2012 at 5:20 pm #

    Jayde, unfortunately, I'm not at all surprised with the outcome, considering the information in your prev. posting. The PICC line is perfect for you, it seems–I know we used to administer chemo through them—maybe they will be willing to leave it in for the course of your treatment???Tina had a good reply to your last post–I'm not sure whether or not you had read it. Love you and praying for increase in all areas, JOY

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