A Better Day

2 Jul
Today has been a better day than the two previous.  I’m going to bore you for a little bit to tell you my symptoms so I don’t forget when I have my next treatment.  This is Day 7.  I’m still having problems eating.  I was sticking to a liquid only diet most of yesterday and today (Medifast shakes, chicken broth, ginger ale, water).  My stomach feels so much better when I do this, but I feel really weak.  Each time I eat solid food I end up with bad stomach cramps within 15 minutes.  Also, dairy seems to do the same thing.  I did finally break down and had a 1/2 of a baked potato this afternoon and ended up regretting it.  I talked with the doctor’s office and they want me to eat anyway.  They suggested some over the counter drugs.  I also have to make sure I continue the baking soda/salt/water mouth wash.  My tongue, throat and lips are numb and she said I will most likely end up with the mouth sores if I don’t do the mouth wash.  I have to keep lip balm on my lips at all times.  My tongue feels like sandpaper….it is really gross.  I still have a rash in various places and they want me to use benadryl cream on it to see if it improves.  My head is still pretty itchy.  I woke myself up about 20 times last night because I was itching my head.  I didn’t even realize it until I woke up.  I guess it is the hair getting ready to fall out.  Lastly, I’ve also had some really bad back pain.  I was taking Aleve, but the doctor told me that I can’t take it anymore and I have to switch to Tylenol. The pain is better today, but it is still there.
I feel like I’m through the worst of it, but I don’t know if I will have the same effect each time or not.  I’m dreading the next one.  I hate that I was hardly able to work last week.  Which means I will have to take a week vacation for  each chemo treatment if this happens every time.  I’ll have to talk to the doctor about it.  It isn’t fair to my team if I’m going to be gone so much.
Thank you all who sent me texts, messages, prayers and verses.  I really appreciate them and really needed them.  My mind has been so out of it I haven’t read my bible or devotional in a few days.  Plus, not having coffee in the morning has made this difficult as well.  My nights have been great…which is kind of surprising….but I sleep pretty well without pain between 1am and 7am each night.  I am very thankful for that.  It might be because I eat dinner at 7 or so and by the time it works itself through I’m okay by 1am.  Or it could be because y’all are praying for my nights.  Thank you!
Well…I don’t really have any other updates.  Just trying to get through each day right now.  Struggled to work through the pain, with my brain not working right and being so tired today.  I am so slow.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. 
I want to share a funny picture.  On Thursday I sent Kevan to the store to get me some plain saltine crackers.  He’s so sweet.  He came back with all of this!  He wanted me to have options.  lol!  I ended up having cream cheese on my saltines.  Thank you Babe.

4 Responses to “A Better Day”

  1. willie July 2, 2012 at 9:43 pm #

    Hang in there! Nothing else can be said except you are much loved and prayed for. You will get through this. We do care whats going on and I think your blogging it is a great thing.

  2. Julia July 2, 2012 at 9:59 pm #

    Praying for you Jayde! Thanks for giving updates and for being so honest. Your attitude is so amazing and I know that is God's grace on you. Love you!

  3. Anonymous July 2, 2012 at 11:53 pm #

    We're still praying for you every day!

  4. Cheryl Whiteaker July 3, 2012 at 1:20 am #

    So glad your getting some relief. If there's anything I can do let me know. I am praying for you and Kevin everyday. IT IS A GOOD THING YOUR DOING THIS BLOG. I cant imagine how many people this will help plus keep all of us that loves you informed. Well now I was just wondering if your little colt is still in the field but I guess its been to hot for you to go out. It has been miserable hot. Well I will go just wanted to.let you know I'm praying for you and Kevin and. I do read the blog.

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