4 Weeks Post-Op and It is a Special Day

5 Jun
Today I am 4 weeks post-op.  Feels more like 6 weeks in some ways and 2 in others.  I’m still having good days and bad days & good nights and bad nights.  Two nights ago I slept the entire night without pain.  I had decided that the bra and the wrap had to go.  I always wear one or the other and they put pressure on my chest and also irritate my incisions so I decided to just wear a soft tank top.  I slept all night with no pain.  I was so excited!  But, I don’t know if I overdid it yesterday or what but I had a terrible afternoon yesterday of pain, all night and this morning.  I just broke down and took a 1/2 a Valium to see if it would help the muscle pain.  So, if this post starts to become incoherent….it’s the Valium.  :o)
I emailed my doctor to make sure it was okay to not wear a wrap or a bra since I had read online that some mastectomy/reconstruction patients were told they must at all times in order to provide support to their tissue expanders.  Well, she said since my TE’s are sutured in I can go without support.  This was music to my ears!  I feel a lot better without all the pressure.   When I’m home or sleeping no more bra!  I know that is TMI, but I’m trying to help those other ladies out there who are struggling like me.  My doctor also told me to “Quit reading online!”  lol!  She explained that all doctors are different and each patient is different and if I have a question just email her.
Yesterday I spent the day with 4 wonderful ladies.  We took a scenic drive through one of the Smoky Mountain auto touring trails called, “Roaring Fork”.  It was a beautiful drive and I love history so it was so fun to see the old cabins, barns and mills that they used to live in/use.  At one point I climbed into the front seat from the back (of course using my arms) and then crawled back to the backseat (so the ladies in the back wouldn’t have to get out of the car to let me out).  It was a mistake.  It hurt.  So, that was stupid #1 yesterday.  Then, I carried around and took pictures the whole time with my big Nikon camera with the big lens.  I think it did a number on my pectorals (stupid #2).  Then, I put my purse in the far back of the car and then received a text that was noisy and wouldn’t stop until it was acknowledged.  So, I reached back to get it and pulled my right pectoral muscle pretty good (stupid #3).  It still was a great day though (I saw another bear in the wild…about 10 feet from me) and it ended with one of my favorite things…..Strawberry Shortcake.  :o)  (My Valium is kicking in….I’m starting to feel a little better!)
Today is June 5th.  Two special things are happening today.  It is my parent’s 41st Wedding Anniversary!  I wish I was there to celebrate it with them. 
I hope/pray that Kevan and I will be married at least 41 years.  I pray God heals me of this cancer (with no recurrences) so we can live out as best friends until we are old and gray.  It is so amazing and such a blessing to have parents that are still together and have been able to live out so many years as best friends who love each other.  Even through the bad times they always worked it out and their children saw their struggle, their forgiveness of each other (if it was needed) and their love through it all.  They were always very affectionate towards each other (and still are) and I’ve always loved that I have parents that aren’t scared to show how much they care about each other.  God has surely blessed you both!  Also, growing up….there was hardly a night that they didn’t tell me they loved me as I went to bed.  I’m thankful for the parents God gave me. 
Here is a funny picture of us when we were all much younger (before Tasha came along).  I am not at home so I couldn’t find a family picture that Tasha was in too.  Oh, and yes….I’m the mushroom head.  lol!  Sorry mom…I know you say that haircut was really the rage back then, but I cannot believe a bowl cut was in style. 
The other special thing today is that my husband is at the Nashville airport getting ready to get on a plane to Mexico for our church mission trip to Tijuana.  Please pray for their safety, time there and that God will work in their hearts and the hearts of those they come in contact with. 

4 Responses to “4 Weeks Post-Op and It is a Special Day”

  1. Anonymous June 5, 2012 at 12:35 pm #

    Thanks Jayde so much and we have been truly blessed! Mom

  2. PCBO June 5, 2012 at 1:43 pm #

    We prayed for you in staff meeting this morning, sister! Believing God for your complete recovery.

  3. Jayde June 5, 2012 at 1:49 pm #

    Thank you Pastor Curt! I appreciate the prayers of you and the staff! That is so sweet of you to remember me. You all are a blessing to me. Miss you all.

  4. reclinerwoman June 6, 2012 at 3:57 pm #

    Jayde,A friend sent me a link to your blog.I am a breast cancer survivor. Before I started chemo, I asked God to show me how to go through chemo without grumbling and complaining. He told me to be honest, but sprinkle in praise, thanks and laughter. I'm writing a blok (a blog that, God willing, will someday be a book) about these three secrets. It's at http://www.joyincancer.com. I'd love to know if you find it helpful. Please don't eat sugar, especially if you crave it. If you question my statement, ask your oncologist to explain to you how a PETscan works. God bless you.Marla Hartsonwww.joyincancer.com

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