An Update from the Smokies

3 Jun

I’m sitting in a beautiful cabin near the Smoky Mountains while typing this.  My mother-in-law and  great-aunt in-laws are all here on vacation so I decided to stay with them while Kevan went on the mission trip to Mexico.  I thought it would be restful and wouldn’t be alone so soon after surgery.  Here is the view from the upper deck of the cabin.  Beautiful!

I went to see my plastic surgeon on Friday for my 2nd tissue expander fill.  I was a little scared because the skin/expander felt so hard I thought she was going to tell me that I couldn’t be expanded.  She was very positive about the left side getting expanded but not the right.  I even told her I didn’t care if she put more in one side than the other since the left side is the one that looks so distorted…so it could only look better.  She brought the 60 cc syringes in and was able to get 40cc’s on both.  I know I wanted 60, but I’m happy and I don’t want to push it and be in pain because we rushed it.  I’ve heard online about women being too filled and having to go back to have some removed because the pain is so bad.  So, slower is probably good for me.  My next appointment is 6/21.  Since chemo is every 3 weeks and starts on 6/26 she wants me to come the week before chemo until we are done with the expansions.

Since this last expansion I think I look a lot better from the front.  Not so much like Frankenstein’s bride.  lol!  But, the side view is not much to be desired.  lol!  But, it will all come together in time.  Thank the Lord for clothes!!  The best news of the day was that I’m allowed to wear deodorant again!  My husband is very happy.  Lol!  Also, I no longer have to bandage and use all of the medicated creams on my N’s, incisions and drain scars.  From now on I will just need to use Aquifor on each area to keep it moist and to help with scarring.  Yay!  This makes me really happy and it won’t take as long to get ready now.  It was taking us about 15-20 minutes every day just do to the medicating and bandaging.  Everything is healing really well.  The RN looked at Kevan and told him he did a wonderful job as my nurse because it all looks so good.  I praise God for my healing and your prayers to Him.  I have had no complications and I am so thankful for that. 

Some notes for me and for those that have expanders or implants:  She explained that because I no longer have feeling in this area (because the tissue, nerves, etc were removed) that when I go into the sun I won’t be able to tell if my skin is getting hot.  So, since it is getting close to summer and I may go to the beach and wear a bathing suit, that I will need to put sunscreen on under my suit as well as on the non-covered skin.  She also said that the expanders and implants sort of absorb the sun instead of reflect it.  This is for life!  She said many women have been burned badly and blistered for not being aware of this.  I’m not much of a sun bather.  I usually sit under an umbrella reading at the beach anyway while Kevan enjoys the water.  He loves the water.  I’d rather be in the mountains than the beach.

Before Kevan dropped me off with my mother-in-law we stayed in a great bed & breakfast, Berry Springs B&B, in Sevierville, TN.  If you are in the area I highly recommend it.  Here is the view from the back deck.

The breakfast was wonderful.   They have a little hiking trail that takes you to 2 small ponds where you can fish (they let you use their fishing gear) or canoe.  They have bikes too if you want to ride around.  On the little trail we saw 6 bunnies.  They were so cute.  So, if you are married and you have to go through a double mastectomy/reconstruction….it doesn’t mean you can’t spend a romantic night away with your hubby a few weeks after surgery.  We had time the next day to take a drive around Cades Cove which is inside Smoky Mountain National Park.  We love it there.  We saw sever turkeys and deer which is what we always see and I have always wanted to see a bear.  Well, yesterday, I saw 3 bears!  First time in my life to see them in the wild.  I was getting teary eyed thinking about how much God has blessed me during this time.  One of the bears was about 4 feet from my face.  We saw him climbing on the side of the road when we drove by….he had the cutest little face, but when we turned around he was already gone.  I was still glad we saw him though and he was so close!  We really enjoyed our time together.  I’m already missing him and he hasn’t even been gone 24 hours yet.  I’m a wimp.

Since my last post I have received a comment a few emails of people that read about the Spurgeon book on Heaven and either purchased it or are going to.  I was happy to hear it.  It will surely bless you and I know one of you already said it had.  :o)

Well, that is all for now.  My MIL and I are going to play some cards.  :o)

2 Responses to “An Update from the Smokies”

  1. Anonymous June 3, 2012 at 7:56 pm #

    Jayde, thanks so much for sharing the beautiful pictures. Just looking at that scenery and the shade of green is very soothing!! Actually, it reminds me so much of watching The Walton's and their views. "Good Night, Jayde." Now, it's your turn to say, "Good Night, Joy. Good Night, Judy, and so on." If you haven't watch the show, I'll explain this part when I see you.We're heading for NYS (ugh!) Tuesday. See you when we get back. Love, JOY

  2. Jayde June 5, 2012 at 1:51 pm #

    Joy,I know the Walton's. I think I've seen every rerun. I love it and I've always wanted a Mule like them named Blue. :o) "Good night, Joy". lol! Praying for safe travels for you and Dante! See you when you get back. Jayde

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