Time Was Too Short and My N’s

19 May
I haven’t spoken much about my parent’s visit so I want to do a special post just so they know how much I appreciated them coming to be with me.  I don’t know how Kevan and I could’ve managed without them.  It was so nice to have them here.  I do not get to see them very often (once or twice a year) because they live in Michigan.  So, to have almost 3 full weeks with them, even under the circumstances, was a special time.  They left a few hours ago and I miss them already.  Please Lord, help them to make it home speedily and safely.  Please bless them for being so willing to come help me.


My mom helped me with laundry, meals, cleaning, getting dressed…you name it.  She was the best at laying my pillows out on the couch “just right” so that when I laid down to rest it wouldn’t hurt at all.  Mom’s always know best.  I know it was hard on her to have to work, clean the house, make the meals and help me get around and I am grateful to her.  I love you Mama.  Thank you for always being there when I need you.  I loved getting our pedicure together and the couple times we laid on our sleep number bed with the massager running just to relax together.


My dad was just as sweet.  If I called him for help he would come immediately.  He swept our porch for me, fed my kitties and even emptied the dishwasher several times.  He was the one to make the runs to the store for prescriptions, ice, food, etc.  He was always willing to help do something.  Thank you Dad and thank you for my little pink kitty you bought me.  I will always love it so much because it came from you.


They went all the way to Nashville with me to my appointments and even to my breast cancer class so they understood what was going to happen after surgery.  I could tell they were worried for me and they hated to see me in pain.  All parents do.  I hated to see them so worried.


I’m going to miss them.  One of my favorite things was having them at church with me and for them to meet our friends.  It was such a special time.  I’m sad we didn’t get to play Euchre.  I love it so much, but I just didn’t have the strength this time.  Oh….Mom….Dad…..?  You forgot something.  Weren’t you going to take Bob home with you?  lol!  He sure is going to miss his buddies that sit outside with him and love on him.  I’m sure he would’ve been a good riding companion on your way home.  ;o)  He would catch your mice and chipmunks for you instead of leaving them on the porch for me.


I love you both and thanks again for helping me.  Wish you could’ve stayed a little longer.  Hopefully, I will get to come home for a few days this summer and visit.


Also, I have a happy update about my “N’s”:


Had some changes with my N’s since my post the other day.  The coloring had changed almost overnight and also had some bleeding.  I had to send pictures to my doctor (I know…..crazy!) since she is on bed rest.  She said, “Your N’s are alive!”  Bleeding was a good thing.  So, another praise that my N’s are looking good.  LOL!!!   I know it is because of everyone’s prayers!  Thank you all so much.

2 Responses to “Time Was Too Short and My N’s”

  1. willie dale May 19, 2012 at 1:09 am #

    Hope to get to know your parents better when they come back. The N thing is just part of the prayers of so many being answered.

  2. Anonymous May 19, 2012 at 4:26 am #

    We wish we could have stayed longer too Jadie! I am so happy that the Lord answered our prayers so faithfully – we can always depend on Him and He did answer ALL my prayers. We are so blessed! I love you and I know that Kevan is going to take good care of you. And we will come back – all you have to do is tell us you need us. Loved ALL your friends at church and outside of church. Judy is a dear, sweet mother-in-law to you and I am so glad she is there, in my absence. Gerald and Kevan, I can tell, enjoy doing things together so much. It's nice to see that. Tell all your friends I can't wait to see them again. I love you baby. Keep getting better and better. Your Dad loves you very much too. Miss you already! Mom and Dad

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