Post-Op Day 6

15 May

Today was a hard day.  I don’t really understand it because I felt like I was doing so well when I came home from the hospital last week and now it seems that I’m in a lot of pain again.  I’m still taking my pain meds every 4-5 hours and the Valium (for the muscle) whenever I need it.  I spoke with the doctor’s office today and they said that women that are smaller framed have a harder time with the expanders and will have more pain.  That is mostly where the pain is coming from.  The expander pushes on the muscle and wherever else it pushes in there and feels like it is ripping my flesh.  But, it only lasts about 30 seconds, but it is enough to make me not want to move again for fear it will happen again.  The doctor’s office also mentioned that it is normal for me not to be able to lift myself up from a laying position yet.  That made me feel good.  I thought I was way behind in the healing process.

I’m finally able to raise my arms high enough to see under my arm.  But, I am not allowed to shave until after I see my doctor on Wednesday.  lol!  So, it is pretty gross.  lol!!  Just pretend I’m European.  I’m also not allowed to wear deodorant…so you might want to stay clear until I get the “OK”.  lol!  I finally saw my incision from the sentinel node biopsy.  I am VERY surprised (and sad) at how long the incision is.  I thought it would only be about 1-2 inches long maybe….it is more like 3-4 inches long.  Doctors really do not prepare you enough I don’t think.  I didn’t want 2 big scars like this, but I’ll just start praying that they fade.  These incisions are causing me quite a bit of discomfort today.  They are burning a little which I guess is just the healing process…I don’t know.  It might just be my underarm screaming for some deodorant and shaving cream.  lol!  Just kidding.

I also found out today that my plastic surgeon is pregnant and has been put on bed rest.  I didn’t even realize she was pregnant…she is so tiny.  My appointment with their office has been moved to tomorrow instead of Wednesday.  Kevan and I will be leaving tomorrow for Nashville to go to my appointments.  We will spend the night at my MIL’s house, go to my remaining appointments on Wednesday and then come back home.  So, it is going to be a busy 2 days.

One last thing.  We didn’t realize, but we only have 3 pain pills left to get us to tomorrow at my 2pm doctor’s appointment.  We thought there was a refill on them, but there isn’t.  Please pray.  We are going to try to 1/2 them and see if I can get through the night and into the morning.  I sure hope so.

I have more I want to say, but I am so tired right now that I’ll try to write a little more later.  Thank you everyone for your prayers today for my pain.  God heard them and I was so much more comfortable as the day progressed.

5 Responses to “Post-Op Day 6”

  1. Barbarita May 15, 2012 at 12:59 am #

    Don't try halfing them. What are they? Vicodin? I'm sure someone at PCC has some left over from a procedure. Trouble is for narcotics you need the paper slip, the doctor can't just call it in. I have some I wish I could just give you. If you can't find the med you need, take the Valium even if you don't think you need it until you can get a refill. Better to feel sleepy than be in pain! You've got to stay ahead of the pain with the pills, breaking them will put you behind the pain & make things harder. Post a FB status update looking for the name & strength of what your taking. I bet someone has it nearby! Love from Mexico!

  2. Anonymous May 15, 2012 at 1:01 am #

    I meant take the halfs with Valium if you decide to try to stretch it. Get a stool softener too. Ducolac is over the counter.

  3. cmumbert May 15, 2012 at 3:20 am #

    Might be too late to help. Pain pills make me ill, so I took Motrin for pain after my c-section and it helped a lot. Not sure if it will interfere with other meds you are taking, but it wouldn't hurt to ask a nurse.

  4. Anonymous May 15, 2012 at 3:33 am #

    800 mg of Motrin every 8 hours should be fine. But depends what else you are taking. Call your doctors office. They should have an on call doctor to tell you how to manage it.

  5. Annette May 16, 2012 at 4:38 am #

    Jayde, I saw a comment Michele Reynolds had made on your Facebook account. Not even sure you remember me from Independent church. But I want you to know I am praying for you! Praying without ceasing! I KNOW God has some wonderful plans for you! I am so blessed to know that God has given the ability to share with others what you are going through…and how He IS seeing you through! I was so blessed to see that you have been wonderfully blessed with a godly husband too! Again, Jayde…praying for you!!! Annette Hesson!

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