11:00 pm CDT Update

9 May

Jayde is sleeping, snoring even!  She has done very well. We give the credit to God, and all of our prayer warriors out there.  She was even able to walk to the bathroom earlier, about 9:30 pm.  The initial attempt was iffy.  She got very dizzy and then nauseous and had to lie back down.  The nurse brought some anti-nausea medicine, and after a little while she was ready to try again.  This time she was able to stand up, walk to the bathroom, take care of business and return to bed.  Pretty amazing, I thought, for this soon after surgery.  She is very groggy from the pain medication, but coherent and alert when awake.  I don’t think she is in much pain, and has not used the pain pump button except for just a few times.
Our pastor surprised us by stopping by for a while, today.  It was really a blessing to us.  He just happened to be in the neighborhood, checking in on his mother.  He was able to pray with us and chat some.  He has had a lot to deal with the last few days.  He could use our prayers, too.  Some of the tasks of a pastor are easy and joyful, some are difficult and distressing.  The Lord is there with them all, but as our earthy shepherd, a large burden is sometimes laid upon his shoulders.  We love you Gary, hang in there.
Sorry, no picture for this post.  It is dark now.  Maybe tomorrow!

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