Wig Update

6 May
I wanted to give a little update on the wig I purchased.  I know most of you have seen it on my Facebook, but for those who didn’t I wanted to make sure I talked about it here for those that might have to pick out a wig and are having trouble finding one. 
Here is a picture of the one I purchased.  The hair on the sides is not my hair, but the wig.
The problem I was having is that I don’t have big hair, I don’t even have a “style” to my hair.  I’ve had the same hair since high school.  I don’t use hair spray, I don’t have layers and I don’t have bangs….it is just boring.  lol!  Well, the wigs were just too fancy for me. They all had styles and I felt like I was drowning in hair every time I put one on.
I went to a place in Brentwood, TN called “The Wig Shoppe” and the woman there told me she had something that I would probably really like.  She was VERY helpful.  It is called a “Halo”.  lol!  I hate the name.  Anyway, as soon as she put it on, we (Kevan, my parents and I) thought it was perfect.  There is no “top” to the wig.  So, I will have to wear a bandana, hat or scarf.  Otherwise, you will see my bald head.  :o)
The best part, it won’t be hot!  When trying on wigs I’ve realized they itch and they are hot.  Because this one doesn’t have a top to it, it will be a lot cooler.  I did purchase a couple scarfs to go with it, but they were pretty expensive.  So, hopefully, I can find a few cheap ones.  :o)  Otherwise, I can wear a ball cap or hat of some kind.
The worse part of looking at wigs is that for my length of hair they were running between $200 and $400.  She even put a wig on my head that was $4,000!!  This wig was less than $100.  Perfect!
I’m sure when I’m at home (I work from home) I won’t wear a wig.  So, this will just be for when we go out or go to church.  It is fast to put on…just a little headband that goes over my head.  So, I won’t have to worry about it taking a lot of time for me to fix.  I love it.  I had tears in my eyes after she put it on because I finally felt like this was me. 
Thanks again for all your prayers.  I wanted to find one before my surgery so I would be all ready when chemo started.  I’m ready!  God blessed me with the perfect wig.  :o)

2 Responses to “Wig Update”

  1. Krista Campbell May 7, 2012 at 6:24 am #

    Jayde, my name is Krista and I too have breast cancer…Invasive Tubular Lobular Carcinoma in the left breast. I was diagnosed after an annual mammogram recently and I had NO lump or symptoms. A dear friend and prayer partner sent your prayer request to me and I am and will be praying for you. I was due to have a full mastectomy on the left March 29th(they won't do prophylactic surgery on the right because I have no insurance, but they'll reconstruct the left if I wish). There were no cancer cells found in my sentinal node, so they were able to conserve the top half of my breast and they did not remove any axillary nodes. Praise God when I awoke to feel a nipple…I was SO excited! Because my "numbers" were right, my oncologist felt chemo would do me more harm than good, but I just started 33 radiation treatments last week and am staying at a cancer lodge free 5 days a week for 7 weeks because my treatments are so far from home. Jesus is our Salvation, our Comfort, our Healer and our Joy! Please check out my Caring Bridge site and follow my cancer journey and pray. It is a free site for people with medical issues to update everyone easily. Go to: caringbridge.org/visit/kristacampbellWe can pray for each other and share stories. Also, a suggestion for your head cover…as a biker, I have a ton of fun and fancy "do-rags" and bandanas…maybe you can find something in a motorcycle shop that would look great on you. I will especially be praying Tuesday while I'm getting my treatment that you will have no fear, that you will go into the OR telling a really good joke and that you will be pain free afterward. God bless you my cancer sister. Realize it or not, we are now connected. Bless you! Krista Campbell, Gainesville, Florida

  2. Will May 7, 2012 at 10:42 pm #

    You will be in our prayers and on our hearts tomorrow… ANY thing we can do let us know and I mean that.

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